Purchase, Renewal and Upgrade FAQ

What does “support expiration” mean?
Customers receive product updates and priority customer support at the Online Service Center for the duration of their support period. Typically the support period is one year but it can be longer. Once the support period expires, product updates and priority customer support status will no longer be available. However, the license itself will not expire and you can keep using your product. Note: Some licenses, such as free academic licenses, are set to expire after one year.
Is it better to renew my license or purchase a new license?

The answer depends on if you still have active support, if your active support has recently expired, or if your support had expired longer than 13 months ago.

Intel offers deeply discounted renewal prices of Intel® Software Development products, making it even easier to consider renewing early to ensure uninterrupted access to product support and product updates. Intel currently offers two renewal options for Intel® Software Development products: Pre-Expiry Date Renewal and Post-Expiry Date Renewal (see “What are my renewal options” below).

If you wait more than 13 months after your product’s expiry date, you no longer qualify for a renewal. If you want continued support at that time, you will have to repurchase the product.

How can I learn about renewal and upgrade options available for my purchased products?
Use the Support Renewal tool to help you make a better choice about renewal and upgrades available for your purchased Intel® Software Development Products.
What are my renewal options?

Intel offers different license renewal options based on your support expiration date. Depending on when your support expires, you could be eligible for a Pre-Expiry or a Post-Expiry renewal.

Buy a Pre-Expiry Date Renewal before your support period ends for an exceptionally low price. A full year of product support and updates will be added on to your current product’s expiry date. You can buy this renewal any time before your current support ends.

If you don’t get around to buying a Pre-Expiry Date Renewal and your current product’s support expires, you can still buy a Post-Expiry Date Renewal. The discount is not as good as the Pre-Expiry Date Renewal, but is still substantial. This discount is available for up to one year after your current license expires. The renewal license takes effect from the last support expiration date and extends support for one year.

Use the Support Renewal tool to help you make a choice about renewal available for your purchased Intel® Software Development Products.

What are the requirements for a successful renewal?
The standard renewal process requires that the original and renewal products be exactly the same, including the license type (amed-user or floating with the same number of seats). You may also renew a product registered by someone else in your company. Note: Your email domain name must match that of the person who registered the original serial number.
Where can I purchase renewal licenses?
If you purchased a commercial or academic license from a reseller, you can contact the reseller and purchase a renewal for your product, or visit the online software store. You can also purchase a license renewal via the Intel® Software Manager. For more information, see the Renewal program.
Can renewals be applied to free software products for Students, Educators, Academic Researchers and Open Source Contributors?
Free software products cannot be renewed. Renewals are available for paid licenses only. One has to satisfy certain requirements in order to qualify for free products. If you are an Educator, Student, Researcher or an Open Source Contributor, find out if you qualify for free software. If you do, you will have to reapply for a new license.
My evaluation license has expired. How do I renew it?
Evaluation licenses cannot be renewed. We currently offer free 30-day evaluation licenses for many of our software products. You can choose to evaluate another product or purchase the product and receive a full year of updates, upgrades, and priority customer support.
When does my renewal period start?
The renewal license takes effect from the support expiration date of the original license that was renewed by the new license and extends support for one year. For pre-expiry renewal this would add one year to the current expiration date. For a post-expiry renewal the support will be extended by the number of months remaining to complete a full year from the original expiration date.
I am having issues with my purchase/renewal. Who should I contact?

If you purchased or renewed your product from a reseller, contact your reseller directly.

If you purchased or renewed your product from Intel via the International Software Partners (ISP) store, contact them directly:
Email: feedback@ispfulfillment.com
Phone: 1-800-599-4285

If you cannot resolve the issue directly with your reseller or the ISP store, see Get Help.

If a renewal is applied to the wrong product, what do I need to do?

If you renewed your product from a reseller, contact your reseller directly.

If you renewed your product from Intel via the International Software Partners (ISP) store, contact them directly:
Email: feedback@ispfulfillment.com
Phone: 1-800-599-4285

If you cannot resolve the issue directly with your reseller or the ISP store, contact Intel Support, either via the Online Service Center or visit our Startup Support Forum.

Can renewals be applied to licenses that came with a CD? Is there a way to track them online?
If both products match exactly, the renewal can be applied to a serial number that came with a CD. If the serial number from the CD is registered, you can track it at the Intel Registration Center.
Why do my serial numbers that are up for renewal appear out of sequence?
Serial numbers appear in the order in which they have been registered. Renewal starts from the original serial number support expiration date, not from the original serial number registration date. Product renewal is time-based and the product version does not matter. You will need to purchase a renewal when your support expires. It is highly recommended that you register all the serial numbers you have purchased so that they all appear in your registered products list.
What do I need to do after renewing my license in order to keep using my product?

Once you renew the license for your product, make sure you have the newest license file on your system. If your serial number was already activated, new license files will be generated and attached to the renewal email. You can then manually place the license file on your system or use the Intel® Software Manager. Depending on the license, do one of the following:

  • Floating license: Place the new license files on your servers and remove the old license files. There is no need to replace the license file on the clients if you specified port#@host for the license server in the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE variable.
  • Named-user license: Place the license file *.lic in the following directory, making sure not to change the license file name:< >On Microsoft Windows*: <installation drive>\Program Files\Common Files\Intel\Licenses
    For example: c:\Program Files\Common Files\Intel\Licenses
    Note: If the INTEL_LICENSE_FILE environment variable is defined, copy the file to the directory specified by the environment variable instead. On Linux*: /opt/intel/licenses
  • On macOS*: /Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/Intel/Licenses

    Note: You will likely need administrative or root privileges to copy the license to the named directory. Make sure to remove expired license files from the directory to ensure the correct file is being used.

If the latest product update is already installed, you only need to place the new license file on your system. Otherwise, follow the link in the email to download the latest version of your product and use the serial number or the new license file to install it.

For more information, see Updating the License File After Renewal.

What is an upgrade to a software product?

Software upgrades may be needed in various scenarios:

  • When a subsequent version of a product has a new feature code that requires a new serial number and license, a free upgrade is offered to all customers with active support.
  • For existing customers with active support, Intel may offer free upgrades to a different product for products that have a planned end-of-life date.
  • Customers with active support can take advantage of discounted promotional offers to upgrade their product to a product with additional capabilities (new features or components).
  • Intel may make changes to its licensing model, in which case a free upgrade will be offered to customers with active support.

All the cases above require a new license, which requires a new serial number.

Can I purchase an older version of Intel® Parallel Studio XE?
When you purchase a new license, you are entitled to the newest version and a full year of free updates and priority support. However, if you choose to do so, you can install any older version that is still supported. See: How do I get an older version of an Intel® Software Development Product? To determine what versions are still supported, see: Unsupported Product Compiler and Library versions.
Can I purchase products in volume?
The Intel® Software Development Products Volume Program is no longer in effect. For more information, contact softwarechannel@intel.com.
How many floating licenses will I need to purchase?
When purchasing licenses for a large organization, you may consider named-user licenses versus floating licenses. To help you determine how many floating licenses you might need, refer to this article.
How can I evaluate Intel® Software Development Products?

Evaluation versions of Intel® Software Development Products are available for free on the Intel® Software Developer tools page. The evaluation period is 30 days. After registering, you will receive an email with a download link and instructions.

During your evaluation, you are also eligible for priority customer support. You will be prompted to create an account with the Intel Registration Center when you download and install the product. You can also visit Intel® Developer Zone Forums for support.

Note that the product will cease to function at the end of the evaluation period and the evaluation license is not renewable.

How do I upgrade from an evaluation license to a full license?
Evaluation licenses are not renewable. To continue using the product, you will have to buy it. Once you purchase the full license, replace the evaluation license with the new commercial or academic license. You do not need to reinstall your product. Refer to: How do I manually install my new license?
Do you offer student discounts?
Intel supports the next generation of scientists and engineers by ensuring that students have access to the latest Intel® Software Development Products. Find out if you qualify for free software tools.
Do you offer educator discounts?
Intel provides educators Intel® Software Development Products at no cost to help teach students new skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Find out if you qualify for the Educator Program.
Do you offer academic research discounts?
Intel recognizes the value that academia brings to accelerating new discoveries and to improving our understanding of the world. Intel provides qualified academic researchers no-cost access to Intel® Performance Libraries. Find out if you qualify for free software tools.
I am actively contributing to open source projects. Do you have any free offers for open source contributors?
Yes. Intel provides select Intel® Software Development Products at no cost to qualified open source contributors who are working on open source projects that are compliant with the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Find out if you qualify as an open source contributor.
What products are offered under the free Community License?

Free Community License provides access to the latest versions only of our performance libraries:

  • Intel® Threading Building Blocks
  • Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
  • Intel® Math Kernel Library
  • Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library

To learn more and to get free access to Intel® Performance Libraries, visit the Community Licenses page.

How do I get an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) for my Intel® Software Development Products?

When shipping the Intel® Compiler, its redistributable libraries, or other Intel® Software Development Products, you need to get the current ECCN for that product. Classification numbers can change over time, so don’t assume that the number you used six months ago is the number to use today.

To get the current ECCN do the following:

  1. Send an e-mail to export.classification@intel.com
  2. Include the full product name and version
    Example: Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for C++ Linux* Version 2016
  3. The ECCN and CCATS will be emailed to you.

Disclaimer: The ECCN provided is Intel Corporation’s opinion of the proper classification for the product today (based on the original software and/or original hardware). Classifications are subject to change. Under the U.S. Export Regulations, the U.S. Government assigns your organization or client as the exporter/importer of records with the responsibility for determining the correct classification of any item at the time of export/import.