reshape not working

reshape not working

Аватар пользователя killjoy

I've been trying to resize a vector into a two dimensional array but at compile time I keep getting the same error message

Here is the program and the output

program prog2
b=(/ 1,2,3,4,5,6 /)
RESHAPE (b, (/2, 3/))
print 10, b
10 format (3(2X, I3))
end program prog2

# ifc -w reshape.f90 -o reshape
program PROG2

RESHAPE (b, (/2, 3/))
Error 395 at (4:reshape.f90) : This entity is not an array and must not be subscripted

1 Error

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Аватар пользователя Steve Lionel (Intel)

RESHAPE is a function, not a statement. The message is a bit obscure, but then again, the compiler was quite perplexed as to what you wanted.

CVF's message is essentially a syntax error...

You need to assign the result of RESHAPE to something, or use it in some context that requires an array.


Аватар пользователя killjoy

Thanks Steve, I'll figure out my bum from my head one of these days

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