SM Bus driver could not be installed

SM Bus driver could not be installed

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Sorry if this is not appropriate forum but I didn't find any one specialized on Intel motherboards/chipsets.

I'm trying to install Intel Desktop Utilities on new DG965RY motherboard, but the insallation aborts with message "The Intel SM Bus driver could not be
installed. This is a required driver. The installation will now abort."

All drivers related to this motherboard I have found are installed. Actually I've used supplied CD with Intel's Express Install utility, which installed everything. Now if I try to run Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility it says everything is installed and does nothing.

I have Windows XP Home.

Does anyone have any idea what's the problem?

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Аватар пользователя shawn42

I too am having this same problem. Except that my OS is WinXP Pro 64. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Аватар пользователя mb31

I am having the same problem with the DQ965GF and I am running with the latest BIOS and Drivers (as of 11/10/06). Has anyone found a solution or workaround for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Look for driver installation tools.msi

Problem can be solved with "driver installation tools 2.01" from microsoft.

Its a"Windows Installer Package".

Regards from Munich (OLD EUROPE)

Аватар пользователя ean8

That search did not show anything on MS.

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Did anyone ever get this working? I have the same problem with WINXP64.

Аватар пользователя ean8

No, not solved yet.

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Idownloaded the latest version of the desktop utilities and it finally installed on my Windows XP64 with a D975XBX2 motherboard.

Аватар пользователя kylerogers

Thanks, Luis - that worked for me, too.
I have a D850GB motherboard, running Vista Ultimate (32-bit).
Had to run the setup as administrator in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode, and the installed software ("C:Program FilesIntelIDUintelmain.exe") had to run as admin, too.

Аватар пользователя mklueting

I have a Intel D865GBF board and had the same problem when I updated Windows 2000 to Windows 2003. The download of the desktop utilities helped me too, now it works!

Аватар пользователя Mirko L.

Hi everyone, 

I have a problem and I can't solve it. Problem is with SM Bus Controller. When I have installed chipset, I have updated every necessary update except for SM Bus Controller. Because of that I have a connection problems with my cell phon on computer etc. I'm trying to fin the driver but it is like impossible mission for me. Can anyone help me, please? I'm helpless right know...

In further part, I'm giving you images of display and system so you can have all necessary informations...


Скачать image-of-display-window.png29.85 КБ
Скачать image-of-system-window.png32.76 КБ
Аватар пользователя iliyapolak

Hi Mirko,

What is your motherboard chipset?Can you look in event manager for any installation related errors?

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