Mobile Platform SDK: Mobile menus?

Mobile Platform SDK: Mobile menus?

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This is a question received by Intel Software Network Support in response to the article Maximize Mobile Applications with Intel Mobile Platform Software Development Kit (Intel Mobile Platform SDK), along witha response provided by an expert from this forum:

Q.Can i modify/create mobile menu with mobile platform SDK?

A. No, the Intel Mobile Platform SDK doesnt provide the capabilities to make changes to the graphical interface, such as modifying or creating menus on a mobile device. Instead, it provides details to an application about the state of the system and allows control of some aspects of it. For example, it can notify an application when the battery level reaches a defined low threshold. Similarly, network adapter (Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet), bandwidth, display, processor, disk and connectivity information is available to an application. Generally an application would use the APIs in the Intel Mobile Platform SDK to make the application aware of when it is working on-line vs off-line or when it is running on low bandwidth or low power. Doing this allows the application to notify the user or better to change its behavior to improve the users experience.


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What are the real advantages of such approach?

j2me mobile software

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Quoting - jtwom3 What are the real advantages of such approach?

j2me mobile software
The real advantages to such an approach are numerous. I noticed you work on the J2ME platform. Is it not important for a mobile app to be aware of its mobile environment and the state of said habitat? If you have an open document and your battery dies, you lose your work - not good. If the app is aware of low battery levels, it can take appropriate auto-save, etc... steps to avoid catastrophe. If you are playing a game and the battery dies, you lose your progress - again, not good. I'm sure you can appreciate that last example, as most people have experienced it on a mobile-device (phone). Without the SDK, we would not be able to interface the software with the hardware; quite a handy tool when doing serious dirty work.


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