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I am performing some benchmarking for a number of P3, P4, XEON, P-M, AMD, AMD64.

Now the libraries , as expected, have a problem with the AMD processors and thus the dispatchercalls only thec code optimized version. However, I have also seenthe dispatchersporatically call c code (not P3 or P4 optimized code ) for a XEON (P3, P4)

Is there a way to force which dll perfsys calls rather than let the program decide? If not, what do i have to sign to get the source code for perfsys so i can recompile and static link each library.

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Dear Customer,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

The Intel IPP will run on processors that are 100% compatible with Intel Architecture. It's the PX code that should be dispatched on all non-Intel processor-based systems. So the behaviour you described for AMD* processor was expected.

With regard to dispatching issues on Intel XEON processor, it should be detected as either a Intel Pentium III processor compatible or a Intel Pentium 4 processor compatible depending on its CPU frequency. If you observe any problems on XEON processor, please submit a detailed report through Intel Premier Support at

Finally, we do not provide source code for Performance test tool.

Hope it helps.

Intel IPP

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Thank you for the prompt reply.

I suspect there is a hidden switch for the perfsys tool(s) that forces the dispatcher to select a specific library. Althought is is not published in the perfsys documentation, and I don't believe it is part of the console -h help, evidence of this behavior is seen by viewing the sample CSV files in the data folder of the IPP40 libraries. There we see ps_ippspx.csv files generated by a Intel Pentium 4 Processor HT 2x3192 MHz using the ippspx.dll.

I am not interested in posting performance results. I would be willing to sign a NDA to this effect. I just need to perform some benchmarking where I select the run-time library for a military project i am working on.


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