Intel Atom Developer SDK

Intel Atom Developer SDK

Аватар пользователя robhelle
I'm writing to learn if the Intel Atom Developer SDK is going to be available in early November. I am hoping to get started on the Developer contest for Netbook applications. Best regards, Rob Miami, Florida
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Аватар пользователя DG Rooven (Intel)

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your query and interest in the Inte® Atom™ Developer Program..

Actually from the Developer Challenger Official Rules page, we could notice it is mentioned that from early of November 2009, you may need to download the SDK and start developing the applications and components.

Based on this informaton I would assume that from early November 2009 we should have the SDK available.

However I cannot confirm this yet, and currently it is still not available for download. I guess it should not be a long wait though.

In the meantime you can also have a look at the SDK release notes on this link:

You can also register your email in the link below so that you will get a notification when the SDK becomes available:


Intel® Atom™ Developer Program

Regards, DG Rooven

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