Deinterlace Functions

Deinterlace Functions

Аватар пользователя Nimesh A.

Hi, I'm currently using DeinterlaceFilterCAVT for deinterlacing.  However, it seems this is now deprecated in 7.1.  Is this method typically not used over others?  I've moved to triangle for now, but was curious as to why it's being deprecated, and if anyone has suggestions for a better method to use in place of CAVT.


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Аватар пользователя Jeffrey Mcallister (Intel)

Many of the deprecations were based on usage data.  Functions with very low reported usage were marked as deprecated.  However, this does not automatically mean they will be removed.  Your response will be considered as part of the evaluation process that will happen before removals, which are still far off.    Deprecated functions will remain in IPP through at least 1 more major release, so for now you may continue to use DeinterlaceFilterCAVT if that meets your needs best. 

You've probably already seen the following page, but this is where we'll put updates on deprecation info:


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