SET™ (Supercomputing Engine Technology™) for Windows

SET™ (Supercomputing Engine Technology™) for Windows

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Advanced Cluster Systems, Inc. (ACS) is looking to spin-out its SET for Windows operation, and collaborate with a company that specializes in parallel programming and HPC for Windows for the purpose of porting our SET (Supercomputing Engine Technology) to Windows.

SET is a new, patented software parallelization platform. With its enormous practical strength, parallel programming with SET is the fastest way today to develop, deploy and maintain parallel programs for multicore, clusters and supercomputers. In addition, SET is also the fastest way today to convert legacy sequential codes to high-performance, parallel versions. SET is currently supported on Linux and Mac OS X only.

The selected company will be a part of the spin-out operation, which will get exclusive rights to port SET to Windows and support it, with an attractive revenue sharing arrangement. For more details, please contact Zvi Tannenbaum ( ).

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