Can I get latest VS (2012) separately?

Can I get latest VS (2012) separately?

Аватар пользователя billsincl

I renewed my Visual fortran license, but when I downloaded IVF 2013 build 1, I got

VS 2010. I want to see if the VS problems got corrected.

How do I get the latest VS 2012 build?

Thanks !

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Аватар пользователя Steve Lionel (Intel)

If you are looking for an Intel Visual Fortran that includes the VS2012 Shell, it does not exist yet. I assume at some point we will replace the VS2010 Shell with the VS2012 Shell, but not in the near term. However, if you have VS2012, then IVF 2013 works with it.

Which VS problems are you referring to?


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