Increasing the compiler's level of verbosity

Increasing the compiler's level of verbosity

Аватар пользователя Gustavo C.

Hi there.

Is there a practical way to attain the highest possible number of warnings, to ensure strict standard compliance and to make it stop at the first encountered error (or to define the number of errors after which the compilation will stop).

I want it nasty, really really verbose and annoying.

I think there used to exist a pdf with all these things but I can't find it.


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Аватар пользователя Steve Lionel (Intel)

/stand to enable standards warnings
/warn:errors turns warnings into errors (or use /warn:stderror to do that only for standards warnings)
/warn:interface (on by default in a new VS project)
/Qdiag-error-limit:n to set an error limit

Аватар пользователя Gustavo C.

Thank you very much, Steve.

At first, I didn't find it by searching the documentation but eventually I found it under Compiler Reference > Compiler Options > Compiler Option Categories and Descriptions > Compiler Diagnostic Options.

The entries are fairly intuitive and I found browsing the documentation is better than using the search tool.

Thank you again,


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