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Using the Projects Tab in the Intel® XDK
Use the Projects tab to create a new project, choose the active project, import a set of project files, check Cordova 3.x project app settings, and view the currently active project's information. You can also add/remove projects from the Intel XDK projects list, view the path to the project root...
Using the Build Tab in the Intel® XDK
In the Intel® XDK development environment, once you have completed debugging and testing your app, use the Build tab to make bundles that you can submit to a variety of app stores. There are several types of build containers - two for building mobile apps and one for building OS/browser-specific...
Using the Game Asset Manager in the Intel® XDK
The Intel® XDK provides a development environment for creating 2D HTML5 games. The Intel XDK Game Asset Manager provides a central place to view and render game assets. The Game Asset Manager also generates a code snippet for a selected asset that you can use to help you develop your HTML5/...
Getting Started with HTML5 Game Development Using the Intel® XDK
The Intel® XDK provides a development environment for creating 2D HTML5 games. Special Intel XDK features for game developers include a game asset manager, game-related plug-in APIs, game samples and templates for supported game engines, autocompletion hints in the built-in code editor, and access...
Using the Test Tab
Once your HTML5 app looks appropriate on the emulator, the next step is to test your app on an actual device. Intel's App Preview application lets you run your app on your test device with very little effort. You can use the Test tab to access to the on-device remote debugger so you can see...
Crosswalk Runtime Overview
Crosswalk is an HTML5 application runtime based on a variety of open source projects. The Crosswalk web runtime APIs included in the Intel® XDK distribution of the Crosswalk runtime include many cutting-edge APIs under consideration for standardization by the W3C*, as well as the popular Apache...
Intel XDK Documentation Quick Links
The following links are provided here in case you need quick access to detailed device API documentation. These are useful (but optional) APIs that you can use to build hybrid mobile HTML5 apps with the Intel XDK.
Why Running an App in the Device Emulator Differs from Running it on Actual Device(s)
This page briefly explains Intel XDK device emulator limitations so you understand why running your app in the emulator differs from running it on actual device(s). Similarly, it also lists APIs that are not implemented in the device emulator.