This section of the user guide covers the installation of the drivers that are required for Windows*, Linux* and Mac* OS X* operating systems, the installation and use of the Intel® Edison board configuration tool or setup tool, and the choice of an integrated development environment (IDE).

The following table provides the links and descriptions of the topics covered in this section.

Installation and setup with the setup tool If your host operating system is Linux*, Mac* OS X*, or 64-bit Windows*, you can download, install and run the setup tool to successively install the drivers (for Window* only), flash the OS image to your board, enable the security and connect your board to the Wi-Fi* network.
Installing drivers for your board If your host operating system is Windows*, install the required drivers to communicate with your board. You can use the standalone driver installer unless your are using the setup tool.
If your host operating system is Mac* OS X* or Linux*, ensure to have the appropriate FTDI drivers installed.
Choosing your integrated development environment (IDE) Choose the IDE based on the programming language you want to use to program your board.
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