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ActiveVideo Enhances Efficiency

Active Video Logo ActiveVideo boosts scalability and efficiency of its cloud-based virtual set-top box solutions for TV guides, online video, and more using Intel® Media Server Studio.

Kraftway: Video Analytics at the Edge of the Network

Today’s sensing, processing, storage, and connectivity technologies enable distributed video analytics for cameras. With Kraftway video software, designed using Intel® Media Server Studio, platforms based on Intel® Atom™ processors can encode up to 3 1080p60 streams at different bit rates with near zero CPU load.

iStreamPlanet Transforms Live Video Streaming

iStream Logo By moving video transcoding from traditional blades to HP Moonshot* and using Intel® Media Server Studio, iStreamPlanet encodes live video streams in 10x less data center space and up to 5x less power use.

MAGIX takes Video Editing to a New Level by Providing HEVC to Broad Users

Video Pro X provides Intel HEVC encoding to semi-pros to help alleviate internet bandwidth use by videos.

Mobile Viewpoint Delivers HEVC HDR Live Broadcasting

This bonding transmitter delivers HEVC HDR video running on 6th gen Intel® processors, and through using Intel® Media Server Studio optimizes HEVC compression and quality.

Sharp's Innovative Security Camera is built with Intel

SHARP unveils an all-around wireless, intelligent, security camera built with an Intel® Celeron® processor, SHARP 12 megapixel image sensors, and Intel® Media SDK for hardware-accelerated encoding.

Vantrix Delivers on Media Transcoding Performance

Vantrix Logo HP Moonshot* and Vantrix Media Platform software, with help from Intel® Media Server Studio, cost-effectively delivers more streams per rack unit while using less power and space.


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