Debugger commands are entered on the command line as follows:

xdb> command1 [; command2 ; command3 …]

where command1, command2,… are debugger commands as described in the command reference. The following rules apply to the command line syntax of debugger commands:

  • The command line accepts one command or a set of commands separated by semicolons.

  • The commands can be written in upper case or lower case. The commands are not case-sensitive.

  • Commands may be abbreviated as long as they are unambiguous. For example, DEFINE may be abbreviated as DEF, whereas DIS is not permitted because it could mean DISABLE or DISPLAY.

  • A comment starts with a “!”. All characters after the “!” belong to the comment.

  • If you want to access symbols from a certain symbol file, you may extend the symbol by a prefix, consisting of the symbol filename in braces, for example:

    Set break at {control}example_main
    Run until {control}crm.cpp\@line 120
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