Save and restore the flash from a saved file.


View > Flash Memory Tool


Flash Memory Tool


In the Board field you can select the board configuration. A board configuration file (extension .fcf) specifies the settings that are used to burn a file into the flash of the target platform.


In the Flash field you can select one of the flashes on the selected board.

Backup to File

The Backup to File field specifies the file to which the flash should be saved. Clicking the Browse button right of this field opens a file browser where you can choose a file.

Backup whole Flash

If the Backup whole Flash check box is checked, the whole flash will be saved.

Offset in Flash

The Offset in Flash field specifies the address from where to start saving data. This address is relative to the flash base address (offset).


The Length field specifies the length of the data which should be saved.


Clicking the Backup button saves the flash to a specified file.


Clicking the Close button closes the Flash Memory Tool dialog box.


Clicking the Help button opens the online help.

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