Quantitative Timeline Settings control the display options and the scaling of the Qualitative Timeline Chart.

Intel® Trace Analyzer

Qualitative Timeline Settings offer the following controls:

Setting Impact
Time Scale Display a time scale along the x-axis

Vertical Scale

Show the scale on the y-axis


Show the legend in the right margin of the timeline

Adjust graphics to legend height

Make the size of the diagram large enough to show all legend items


Frames outline the bars. The frames become visible only when you zoom in very closely so that each bar is separated from the other.


Draw the grid on top of the data and align it with the ticks on the scales

Vertical Scaling

Select the mode of scaling: either Auto, Fixed, or Manual.

Specify the maximum scaling value in the manual mode.


Define the level of detail you want the Quantitative Timeline to display. It may be either Individual processes/Threads or just top level entries of Group_All_Processes.

Example of using the Frames box to outline the bars in the Quantitative Timeline:

Intel® Trace Analyzer

Example of when the Grid is unchecked:

Intel® Trace Analyzer

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