The View window toolbar provides you with easy access to the Intel® Trace Analyzer functionality that is most often used during trace analysis.

The following functionality is available from the toolbar:



Intel® Trace Analyzer Summary Page

Open the Summary Page to get summary information on the time your application spent in MPI

Intel® Trace Analyzer Tracefile Info

Open Tracefile Info to display information about the opened trace

Intel® Trace Analyzer Time Scale

Show Time Scale along the top of all the Timelines. You can enable the Time Scale only if there is at least one timeline opened.

Intel® Trace Analyzer Time Interval Selection

Open Select Time Interval to select a new time interval for the whole View.

To the right of the Time Interval Selection button you can see the data cell that demonstrates the selected time interval in the format: <start>, <end>: <duration>.

Time Units

Switch time units from seconds to ticks and vice versa.

Intel® Trace Analyzer Process Aggregation

Open Process Aggregation to select the process group for aggregation or create new process groups in addition to those provided by default.

The data cell to the right of the Process Aggregation button shows the currently selected process group. By default, it is All_Processes.

Intel® Trace Analyzer Function Aggregation

Open the Function Aggregation dialog box and choose a function group for aggregation.

The data cell to the right of the Function Aggregation button shows the currently selected function group. By default, it is Major Function Groups.

Intel® Trace Analyzer Tagging

Open Tagging to identify messages and collective operations to highlight.

Intel Trace Analyzer displays the tagged messages and collective operations in bold.

Intel® Trace Analyzer Filtering

Open Filtering to select events, messages and collective operations to be filtered. After you set a filter, the Trace Analyzer only displays the data that meets the conditions of the filter operation.

Intel® Trace Analyzer Idealization

Open the Idealization to produce an ideal trace.

Intel® Trace Analyzer Compare Traces

Open the Comparison View to calculate the exact differences and speedups between two runs or within two ranges of the same run.

Intel® Trace Analyzer Imbalance Diagram

Compare the trace with its idealized one. The Imbalance Diagram helps to understand the application imbalance and estimate a potential application speedup from tuning MPI implementation and/or network upgrades.

Intel® Trace Analyzer Performance Assistant

Use the Performance Assistant tool to discover performance problems of your application.

Intel® Trace Analyzer Color Editor

Edit the colors of functions and function groups.

Intel® Trace Analyzer Preferences

Open the Preferences to customize your working environment.

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