Applies Givens rotation to sparse vectors one of which is in compressed form.


void cblas_sroti (const MKL_INT nz, float *x, const MKL_INT *indx, float *y, const float c, const float s);

void cblas_droti (const MKL_INT nz, double *x, const MKL_INT *indx, double *y, const double c, const double s);

Include Files

  • mkl.h


The ?roti routines apply the Givens rotation to elements of two real vectors, x (in compressed form nz, x, indx) and y (in full storage form):

x[i] = c*x[i] + s*y[indx[i]]
y[indx[i]] = c*y[indx[i]]- s*x[i]

The routines reference only the elements of y whose indices are listed in the array indx. The values in indx must be distinct.

Input Parameters


The number of elements in x and indx.


Array, size at least nz.


Specifies the indices for the elements of x.

Array, size at least nz.


Array, size at least max(indx[i]).


A scalar.


A scalar.

Output Parameters

x and y

The updated arrays.

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