Intel® MPI Library supports the GDB* and Allinea* DDT debuggers for debugging MPI applications. Before using a debugger, make sure you have the application debug symbols available. To generate debug symbols, compile your application with the -g option.

GDB*: The GNU* Project Debugger

Use the following command to launch the GDB* debugger with Intel® MPI Library:

$ mpirun -gdb -n 4 ./testc

You can work with the GDB debugger as you usually do with a single-process application. For details on how to work with parallel programs, see the GDB documentation at

You can also attach to a running job with:

$ mpirun -n 4 -gdba <pid>

Where <pid> is the process ID for the running MPI process.

DDT* Debugger

You can debug MPI applications using the Allinea* DDT* debugger. Intel does not provide support for this debugger, you should obtain the support from Allinea*. According to the DDT documentation, DDT supports the Express Launch feature for the Intel® MPI Library. You can debug your application as follows:

$ ddt mpirun -n <# of processes> [<other mpirun arguments>] <executable>

If you have issues with the DDT debugger, refer to the DDT documentation for help.

See Also

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