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This Developer Reference provides you with the complete reference for the Intel® MPI Library. It is intended to help a user fully utilize the Intel MPI Library functionality. For examples and detailed functionality description, please refer to the Intel® MPI Library Developer Guide.

To download the previous versions of documentation, refer to this page.

The following are some popular topics in the Intel® MPI Library Developer Reference:

Command Reference

Command Reference provides reference information on compilation and runtime commands (mpirun, cpuinfo, impi_info) and describes how to use these commands.

Environment Variable Reference

Environment Variable Reference provides syntax, arguments, and descriptions for Fabrics Control, Tuning, Autotuning, Process Pinning, and I_MPI_ADJUST Family environment variables.

Global Options and Environment Variables for mpiexec.hydra

Describes the Global Options and provides Environment Variables used with the Hydra process manager.

mpitune Configuration Options

Tune your MPI application with the mpitune utility.


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