Tunes the Intel® MPI Library parameters for the given MPI application.


mpitune <options>


<mpitune options>

List of options.

-c | --config-file <file>

Specify a configuration file to run a tuning session.

-d | --dump-file <file>

Specify a file that stores the collected results. The option is used in the analyze mode.

-m | --mode {collect | analyze}

Specify the mpitune mode. The supported modes are collect and  analyze:

  • the  collect mode runs the tuning process and saves results in temporary files;
  • the  analyze mode transforms temporary files into a JSON-tree, which is used by the Intel® MPI Library, and generates a table that represents algorithm values in a human-readable format.

-tree-view {default | simple}

Specify the mode to present the json-tree :

  • the  default mode enables interpolation mechanism;
  • the  simple mode disables interpolation mechanism. The resulting tree will contain message sizes used during the launch.

-h | --help

Display the help message.

-v | --version

Display the product version.


The mpitune utility allows you to automatically adjust Intel MPI Library parameters, such as collective operation algorithms, to your cluster configuration or application.

The tuner iteratively launches a benchmarking application with different configurations to measure performance and stores the results of each launch. Based on these results, the tuner generates optimal values for the parameters that are being tuned.


Starting the Intel® MPI Library Update 4 release, mpitune requires two configuration files to be specified. Configuration files differ in mode and dump-file fields.

All tuner parameters should be specified in two configuration files, passed to the tuner with the --config-file option. A typical configuration file consists of the main section, specifying generic options, and search space sections for specific library parameters (for example, for specific collective operations). To comment a line, use the hash symbol #.  All configuration file examples are available at <installdir>/etc/tune_cfg. Please note that configuration files for Intel® MPI Benchmarks are already created.

The tuning process consists of two steps: data collection (the collect mode) and data analysis (the analyze mode):

> mpitune –m analyze –c /path/to/config_file1
> mpitune –m collect –c /path/to/config_file2

The tuning results are presented as a JSON tree and can be added to the library with the I_MPI_TUNING environment variable.

MPI options support

The following MPI options are available within the utility:

<MPI options>

List of options.

-f <filename>

Specify a file containing host names.

-hosts <hostlist>

Specify a comma-separated list of hosts.

-np <value>

Specify the number of processes.

-ppn <n>

Specify the number of processes per node.

For example:

> mpitune –np 2 –ppn 1 –hosts HOST1,HOST2 –m analyze –c /path/to/config_file1
> mpitune –np 2 –ppn 1 –hosts HOST1,HOST2 –m collect –c /path/to/config_file2

See Also

For available configuration options, refer to mpitune Configuration Options.

Developer Guide, section Analysis and Tuning > MPI Tuning.

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