Google Announced Chrome for Android on Intel x86 devices, perhaps the most important Android app

Yesterday, Google Chrome team announced perhaps the most important Android app, the availability of Chrome for Android on Intel x86 devices ( Release Note), which means that if you have an Android device based on x86, you’ll now be able to experience the speed, security, and simplicity of Chrome.

Chrome 18 is now available for download on Google Play and from the Google Play Store on your Intel x86 based mobile device.  

Chrome for Android update brings Google browser to Intelpowered smartphones

Engadget Website quickly noted that while the Motorola RAZR i hasn't yet hit stores, when it does, it'll now be able to tap into the Chrome Mobile app, following its latest update. 

Two more threads to read on this progress:

Google Chrome previously is not available with full features to Intel x86-based devices,  but it is a valueable web brower for developers interested in developing apps for Intel x86-based Android device.  Currently, the only existing phone that officially runs Android 4.0 on a Medfield processor is the incoming RAZR i, but now moving forward anyIntel smartphones will also get the full Chrome experience

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