New Intel® USB Driver v1.1.5 for Android* Devices Now Supports Windows 8

The Intel Android USB Driver package will enable you to connect your Windows* based machine to your Android device that contains an Intel Atom processor inside. 

The Intel USB Driver package version 1.1.5 is designed for Android App developer usage with added support of Microsoft Windows 8. For consumer device support, please check with your device manufacturer. There is also a download link provided for earlier version (1.1.4) which does not support Windows 8  (after you click to accept  Intel Android Device USB Driver End-User License Agreement). If you are not using Windows 8, there is not need to update your driver to version 1.1.5.

Intel USB Driver package for Android* device is intended for Intel vertical products as it is the only driver that enumerates Intel VID/PIDs. So before downloading and install the driver, it is recommended to check to make sure that your Android device has an Intel mobile processor inside ( the Intel Mobile processors with code name Medfield, Lexington etc.)

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