Intel® Media SDK 2014 for Clients

A cross-platform API for developing consumer and professional media applications.

  • Intel Quick Sync Video: Hardware-accelerated video encoding, decoding, and transcoding.
  • Development Efficiency: Code once now and see it work on tomorrow’s platforms.
  • Innovation: Efficiency gains give developers the time to innovate more new, exciting media features.


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What is the Intel Media SDK?

The Intel® Media Software Development Kit (Intel® Media SDK) is a cross-platform application programming interface (API) for developing consumer and professional media applications, including video editing and processing, media conversion, streaming and playback, and video conferencing. The SDK makes it easy for developers to optimize applications for Intel® HD Graphics' fixed-function hardware acceleration, currently part of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Intel® Core™ and new Intel® Atom™ processors.

What is new in Intel® Media SDK 2014 for Clients?

The SDK is optimized to utilize the power of 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors, codenamed "Haswell," and Intel® Atom™ processor-based tablets for a consistently high-quality media experience. In addition to supporting accelerated H.264 encode and decode and video processing filters, the new SDK includes access to the Media Solutions Portal where developers can access new tools and products to make developing media applications easier and faster. Use of Intel Media SDK 2014 for Clients also includes free licensing and source for integration with Open Source projects and OpenCL* video workloads. The SDK is available as a free download here.

New media products area available from the Media Solutions Portal.

 Intel® Media SDK 2014 Professional Camera Pack beta

The Intel® Media SDK Professional Camera Pack beta is a software development plug-in library that exposes GPU-accelerated RAW image processing capabilities of Intel® platforms. It targets RAW photo application developers as well as emerging 4K RAW video application developers. A public beta will be available soon. To be notified when the beta is available, submit your email address.

Intel® Media Software Development Kit 2014 HEVC Software Pack

The Intel® Media Software Development Kit (Intel Media SDK) HEVC Software Pack is a set of software development libraries (plug-ins) and tools that expose the HEVC (ISO*/IEC* 23008-2 MPEG-H Part 2 or ITU-T* H.265 standard) decode and encode acceleration capabilities of Intel® platforms. Try the HEVC Software Pack on us for 30 days, or purchase the full product for $999.00.

Intel® Video Pro Analyzer 2014

Intel® Video Pro Analyzer is a comprehensive suite of video analysis tools for the HEVC and VP9 video coding standards. It allows for visual inspection of the complete decoding process, statistics extraction, debug tools and more. Support is available for Microsoft Windows*, Linux* and OS X* systems. Try a limited version of the Video Pro Analyzer for free or purchase the full unlocked product for $4999.

Intel® Media SDK Audio library

The Intel® Media Software Development Kit (Intel® Media SDK) Audio Library is a dedicated library for audio codec software processing. The Intel® Media SDK Audio Library targets general application developers who want to integrate audio encoding and decoding into their applications. Purchase price: $99.00.

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