Finding Power and Performance problems on embedded systems using Intel® VTune™ Amplifier 2013 for Systems

It is becoming increasingly important for software developers to become more power aware, not only to achieve extended battery life for embedded and small form-factor devices, but also for reduced thermal stress on embedded platform components. A mobile device would have limited use if it was not able to function for extended periods of time on battery alone. Power consumption control is not only a task for hardware design, but system software as well as application software are also responsible for keeping power consumption under control.

VTune Amplifier XE 2013 for Systems can assist the developer in tuning their applications for power consumption. Beyond the commonly used approaches, we will present how Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU) events can be used to correlate changes in sleep states (C1-Cn, S1-Sn, D1-Dn) to the executed software at the time. Similarly changes in processor core frequency states (P1-Pn) can also be mapped to currently active executed code.

In addition we will explore some performance based metrics that go beyond where your system is spending its time. For example CPI (Clock ticks per instruction), Memory Latency, etc.

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