Key Terms

baseline: A performance metric used as a basis for comparison of the application versions before and after optimization. Baseline should be measurable and reproducible.

CPU time: The amount of time a thread spends executing on a logical processor. For multiple threads, the CPU time of the threads is summed. The application CPU time is the sum of the CPU time of all the threads that run the application.

Elapsed time: The total time your target ran, calculated as follows: Wall clock time at end of application - Wall clock time at start of application.

finalization: A process during which the VTune Amplifier converts the collected data to a database, resolves symbol information, and pre-computes data to make further analysis more efficient and responsive.

hotspot: A section of code that took a long time to execute. Some hotspots may indicate bottlenecks and can be removed, while other hotspots inevitably take a long time to execute due to their nature.

target: A target is an executable file you analyze using the VTune Amplifier.

thread concurrency: A performance metric that helps identify how an application utilizes the processors in the system by comparing the application concurrency level (the number of active threads) and target concurrency level (by default, equal to the number of physical cores). Thread concurrency may be higher than CPU usage if threads are in the runnable state and not consuming CPU time.

Utilization Type

Default color



All threads in the program are waiting - no threads are running. There can be only one node in the Summary chart indicating idle utilization.


Poor utilization. By default, poor utilization is when the number of threads is up to 50% of the target concurrency.


Acceptable (OK) utilization. By default, OK utilization is when the number of threads is between 51-85% of the target concurrency.


Ideal utilization. By default, ideal utilization is when the number of threads is between 86-115% of the target concurrency.


Over-utilization. By default, over-utilization is when the number of threads is more than 115% of the target concurrency.

viewpoint: A preset result tab configuration that filters out the data collected during a performance analysis and enables you to focus on specific performance problems. When you select a viewpoint, you select a set of performance metrics the VTune Amplifier shows in the windows/panes of the result tab. To select the required viewpoint, click the (change) link and use the drop-down menu at the top of the result tab.

Wait time: The amount of time that a given thread waited for some event to occur, such as: synchronization waits and I/O waits.

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