Tutorial: Device Emulator, Part of Intel XDK

Document Number: 329351-004US

Legal Information

About This Tutorial

Learn how to test and debug your app using the Device Emulator:

  • Start here for a quick introduction to the Device Emulator, the EMULATE tab in the Intel XDK environment.

  • Start here to learn how the Device Emulator fits within the Intel XDK environment, and the steps needed to use the Device Emulator.

  • Start here for the first of the step-by-step instructions.

Learning Objectives

After you complete this tutorial (10-15 minutes), you should be able to:

  • Understand the steps needed to test and debug your application using the device emulator, including configuring your emulator environment, and choosing a virtual device(s) to test.

  • For mobile apps, test your app's ability to display correctly on different virtual device screens as well as test the various features provided by your app's APIs, including on-board device sensors, push messages, app update, and firing events. Repeat as needed to test multiple virtual devices.

  • Debug and edit your app's code when your testing identifies issues that need to be fixed, and retested.


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