Using VTserver

This is how the application starts, collects trace data and terminates:

  1. The application initializes itself and its communication.

  2. The application initializes communication between VTserver and processes.

  3. Trace data is collected locally by each process.

  4. VT data collection is finalized, which moves the data from the processes to the VTserver, where it is written into a file.

  5. The application terminates.

The application may iterate several times over points 2 till 4. Looping over 3 and the trace data collection part of 4 are not supported at the moment, because:

  • it requires a more complex communication between the application and VTserver

  • the startup time for 2 is expected to be sufficiently small

  • reusing the existing communication would only work well if the selection of active processes does not change

If the startup time turns out to be unacceptably high, then the protocol between application and Intel® Trace Collector could be revised to support reusing the established communication channels.

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