ADVA Soft Announces Optimization of Handy Photo for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*

Handy Photo lives up to its name in this new app available for Android* tablets.

An exciting announcement from the creators of Handy Photo revealed that the photo editing application will now be available for Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. This ingenious app puts professional quality photo editing tools directly in the hands of mobile device users.

Handy Photo offers a whole new toolkit for creating stunning, high-resolution photos. With a simple drag-and-touch feature, tablet users can enhance personal photos in a variety of ways. Color and tone can be partially or globally corrected so that lighting and composition adjustments are effortless. It also offers retouching so that every photo looks great. Once the enhancements are made, users can add a gorgeous custom frame.

In addition enhancing single shots, Handy Photo enables users to create vivid works of art with a variety of advanced features. Move objects between photos, partially or fully add textures, resize images up to 100% and more. With a full list of customizable options, the app offers endless ways to get creative.

By redesigning Handy Photo for Android* tablets, ADVA Soft has eliminated the extra step of downloading and editing files onto a computer. Mobile device users can snap a photo and make instant, aesthetic choices right on their crystal clear, high definition screens. The Intel® Developer Zone offered guidance during the optimization process so that the Handy Photo app is flawlessly compatible with Android* tablet’s versatile design.

“Handy Photo puts the full capability of a professional photography studio in the user’s hands,” Robert Werner, Managing Director, ADVA Soft. “Now tablet users can take pictures and manipulate them right on their vibrant, touch sensitive Android* tablet screens. With this optimization, people have a portable photography studio at their fingertips.”

Handy Photo is available for immediate download at Google Play:&

About ADVA Soft:

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