typedef struct _mfxVideoParam {

      mfxU32      AllocId;

      mfxU32      reserved[2];

      mfxU16      reserved3;

      mfxU16      AsyncDepth;

      union {

            mfxInfoMFX        mfx;

            mfxInfoVPP        vpp;


      mfxU16            Protected;

      mfxU16            IOPattern;

      mfxExtBuffer      **ExtParam;

      mfxU16            NumExtParam;

      mfxU16            reserved2;

} mfxVideoParam;





The mfxVideoParam structure contains configuration parameters for encoding, decoding, transcoding and video processing.






Unique component ID that will be passed by SDK to mfxFrameAllocRequest. Useful in pipelines where several components of the same type share the same allocator.




Specifies how many asynchronous operations an application performs before the application explicitly synchronizes the result. If zero, the value is not specified.




Configurations related to encoding, decoding and transcoding; see the definition of the mfxInfoMFX structure for details.




Configurations related to video processing; see the definition of the mfxInfoVPP structure for details.




Specifies the content protection mechanism; this is a reserved parameter. Its value must be zero.




Input and output memory access types for SDK functions; see the enumerator IOPattern for details. The Query functions return the natively supported IOPattern if the Query input argument is NULL. This parameter is a mandated input for QueryIOSurf and Init functions. For DECODE, the output pattern must be specified; for ENCODE, the input pattern must be specified; and for VPP, both input and output pattern must be specified.




The number of extra configuration structures attached to this structure.




Points to an array of pointers to the extra configuration structures; see the ExtendedBufferID enumerator for a list of extended configurations.

The list of extended buffers should not contain duplicated entries, i.e. entries of the same type. If mfxVideoParam structure is used to query the SDK capability, then list of extended buffers attached to input and output mfxVideoParam structure should be equal, i.e. should contain the same number of extended buffers of the same type.


Change History


This structure is available since SDK API 1.0. SDK API 1.1 extended the AsyncDepth field.

SDK API 1.17 adds AllocId field.






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