Activating Your Wind River License

Wind River® Linux 7 and Intelligent Device Platform XT 3.1 enable you to develop a Gateway operating system and IoT applications. Before using the development tools you must activate your product license(s).

Creating a Wind River Support Account

  1. See the product notification email message from Wind River to find your license information including License Number, License Authorization Code (LAC) and License Administration Token (LAT)
  2. Log into the Wind River Support login screen.
  3. Click Register for an Account to create a support account.
  4. Enter the License number, LAC and LAT numbers, and then click Submit.
  5. Watch for a Welcome email message from Wind River. In this message, click activateLink to confirm your email address and activate your account.
  6. Proceed to Activating and Managing Your License.

Activating and Managing Your License

  1. Decide which computer will function as your Development Computer. This is the computer you will use to build operating systems and applications for your Gateway.
  2. Write down the computer name and HWaddr results from:
    uname -n
    ifconfig | grep eth0
    Note: The 12-digit HWaddr is the 12-digit MAC address specific to the Development Computer. Wind River refers to this as "Host ID" in the registration process.
  3. See the product notification email message from Wind River to find your License Number and License Administration Token.
  4. Log in to the Wind River Product Activation portal at
    Tip: Use the video instructions for help:
  5. Select Manage Licenses, and then click Add New License.
  6. Type in your License Number and License Administrator Token (LAT). Click Submit.
  7. Click Manage Licenses to view the newly added license number.
  8. Locate the new license number and then use the Actions dropdown to select Activate Products.

  9. On the Select Product screen, check the box next to Wind River® Intelligent Device Platform XT 3.1. Click Next.
  10. On the Select Host screen, determine the Development Computer that will be associated with your license.

    Choose one:

    • Select an existing host (Development Computer) under the Host Label menu. Click Next and then skip to step 12.
    • Create a new host computer (Development Computer) using the Create New Host button. Click Next and then continue with step 11.
  11. If you selected Create New Host, enter the following information about the Development Computer, and then click Create:
    • Enter a label describing your Development Computer.
    • Exact host name (Development Computer name).
    • Host ID: The network MAC address that you obtained from ifconfig | grep eth0. This is a 12-character address. Do not include spaces or punctuation.
    • Leave the defaults for the TCP port and the Borrow Period (days).
    • Other information as indicated.
  12. On the Create Host Confirmation screen, click Continue with Activation Process, and then click Next.
  13. On the Select Host screen, click Next.
  14. On the Verify/Generate screen, review Product allocation to Host label. Click Next.
  15. On the Download/Email License screen use the Download button to immediately download the license or use the Send button to email it.
  16. Save WRSLicense.lic to $HOME on your Development Computer.
  17. Continue to Preparing a Development Computer.
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