Component Values and Recommendations

The component designators in the table below correspond to those shown in the example circuit diagrams.


Component Quantity Purpose Recommended Notes
JHDMI 1 Micro-HDMI Connector (Type-D) 75 Ω to 125 Ω Effective 200 ps TDR risetime
CCOUP 8 AC Coupling Capacitors 0.1 µF, 10% 10V, X5R 0201 size recommended
LCHOKE 4 Common Mode Choke 90 Ω  
QSEQ 4 Termination Sequencing RON=3 Ω, 3 pF  
QINV 1 Inverter RON=3 Ω, 3 pF Module side HPD logic is active low
D1, D2, D3 3 Backdrive Diodes < 10 pF  
R1, R2, R3, R4 4 DDC Pull-up Resistors 2.2 kΩ ±5% 0402 size recommended. Adjust as necessary to meet I2C signaling requirements.
R6 1 HPD Pull-down Resistor 10 kΩ ±5% 0402 size recommended
R7 1 HPD Pull-up Resistor 1.1 kΩ ±5% 0402 size recommended
ESD 3 ESD Protection Device < 1 ns As required for application
RTERM 8 Termination Resistors 680 Ω ±5% Required when HDMI re-driver is not used


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