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  1. Logging and analyzing Intel© PCM output with the CSV option | Intel ...


    Nov 11, 2013 ... Have you ever wanted to write the output of Intel Performance Counter Monitor ( Intel PCM) to a file? Did you ever want to generate a graph that ...

  2. csv-delimiter | Intel® Developer Zone


    Use the csv-delimiter action-option to specify a delimiter when generating a report in CSV file format. You must use format csv to specify the CSV format. To save ...

  3. csv-delimiter | Intel® Developer Zone


    Example. This example generates an observations report with tab delimiters and saves it as the file observations.csv . $ inspxe-cl -report observations -format ...

  4. csv | Intel® Developer Zone


    Generate a CSV file containing the collected metrics data. Syntax -csv Arguments - the name of the output CSV file. Description Use this option to specify the ...

  5. Creating a CSV File with External Data | Intel® Developer Zone


    To achieve this, provide the collected custom data as a csv file with a predefined structure and save this file to the VTune Amplifier result directory.

  6. Examples of CSV Format and Imported Data | Intel® Developer Zone


    Explore examples of the performance data gathered with an external collector and imported into an Intel® VTune™ Amplifier project in the CSV format.

  7. CSV delimiter detection


    Jan 11, 2014 ... Is there anyway to accurately determine the delimiter used for CSV files in non- US countries? There must be some way, as Excel knows what to ...

  8. Bug in PCM CSV formatting


    Oct 16, 2015 ... Hi, While monitoring with Intel PCM I noticed there's a minor bug in CSV output format, which doesn't shift the top most header to align correctly ...

  9. How to read a general csv file


    Apr 15, 2013 ... I am given a number of very large csv files. A representative line from these files is 4/8/2013,12:54:55.242500,8.986848E-3,-1.775244E-2,.

  10. csv


    csv. Generate a CSV file containing the collected metrics data. Syntax. -csv < filename.csv>. Arguments. <filename.csv> - the name of the output CSV file.

  11. csv-delimiter | Intel® Developer Zone


    A character, keyword or string of characters to use as a delimiter when generating a tabular (CSV) report. Any character string may be used as a delimiter, but ...

  12. ";" is missing in CSV output of pcm.x


    Feb 12, 2015 ... It seems ";" is missing after core L2CLK value in csv output. Could you check below? ------- pcm.cpp-------

  13. (Potential) PCM v2.9 CSV output bug


    Sep 18, 2015 ... In v2.9 of the Performance Counter Module, the first header field in the CSV output (using the -csv= option) is missing a number of semicolons ...

  14. Trouble reading a csv file


    Oct 23, 2014 ... I read the whole CSV line as one large character string and then use .... I created a subroutine to parse strings which I use for CSV records as ...

  15. Is there benefit to converting my program .CSV text-file output to xml ...


    Oct 7, 2013 ... I have a Fortran program that outputs simulation data by writing.CSV text files. The CSV files will give fluid-property data for collections of mesh ...

  16. Saving and Formatting Reports from the Command Line | Intel ...


    By default, most reports are saved as a text file, but you can also choose CSV or XML. Whichever file type you choose, filtering and sorting options are available ...

  17. Export results to CSV


    Nov 19, 2013 ... I would like to be able export this time-series data, rather than just the cumulative results, to a format such as CSV for analysis through an ...

  18. Exporting Metrics Data


    With the System Analyzer you can export metric values to a CSV file to post- process these metrics using an appropriate program, for example, Microsoft Excel*.

  19. reading fron CSV files


    Feb 8, 2005 ... Saving an xls file in csv format "Looks" like it only writes a text file with comma delimited fields. However, (at least using cvf 6.6) when this file is ...

  20. Unable to upload CSV file for the product keys.


    Aug 16, 2012 ... How to upload CSV file with the product keys. Under application keys nothing comes up. Besides if I go to the option which says this application ...

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