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  1. #ask make zoom picture in "img gallery" and img ?


    Oct 27, 2015 ... hi bro... anyone can help me to solve this problem for when touch zoom picture in "img gallery" and img.

  2. Zoom Stack | Intel® Developer Zone


    The zoom stack supports navigation in time by storing previously displayed time intervals. You can restore these time intervals when it is necessary. Keyboard or  ...

  3. XDK zoom?


    Apr 17, 2013 ... ... for users to zoom in on/enlarge the content displayed on the mobile device. Does anyone know how to enable the zoom feature in the XDK?

  4. Iframe content scales/pinch and zoom in app


    Sep 2, 2015 ... Its not a responsive site, but i dont want it with scroll bars, what i need is the iframe content to fit my app 100% using the classic pinch and zoom ...

  5. Image Zoom


    May 1, 2015 ... Hello Guys, I'm trying to use zoom on images in my app, but nothing works. I've tried using the in every possible way but nothing worket.

  6. Pinch and Zoom Image Resize


    Oct 23, 2015 ... The problem is that I could really do with adding pinch and zoom functionality to this and I have absolutely no idea where to start. This is the ...

  7. Any code samples to use pinch to zoom in Windows 7?


    Jan 29, 2013 ... what I want is to resize the Window by Zoom-in/out. Any solution? Top ... I dont think so u can use pinch and zoom in windows 7. Top. Log in to ...

  8. iOS Cordova , Zoom in is blurry


    Aug 1, 2015 ... The game worked great if scale by 1, but if I scale down or zoom in, ... great on Crosswalk Cordova build for Android, no problems with Zoom in ...

  9. Can not pinch and zoom on image


    Feb 26, 2015 ... I have set the viewport to user-scalable= yes and have tried other variations but still can not pinch to zoom in / out of an image. Also tried Also ...

  10. Advice on a photogallery with extended touch support ( pinch to ...


    Jan 20, 2016 ... Unfortunately, today, the user expects to be able to "pinch to zoom" the image he is looking at in the gallery. The "galleria" component doesn't ...

  11. How to use Zoom gesture?


    Jan 25, 2015 ... There are UXEvent_StartZoom, UXEvent_Zoom, UXEvent_EndZoom in RealSense. What is the default gesture to control this zoom events?

  12. Adding Touch Support to Desktop Applications for Ultrabook ...


    Sep 7, 2012 ... Starting with Windows 7, Microsoft added multi-touch support like pinch and zoom. Windows 8 brings more enhanced touch support. Especially ...

  13. Audio No Work for me, No Sound


    Nov 16, 2015 ... /*@-ms-viewport { user-zoom: zoom ; min-zoom: 100% ; max-zoom: 200% ; } @ viewport { user-zoom: zoom ; min-zoom: 100% ; max-zoom: ...

  14. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <!-- * Copyright © 2012-2015, Intel ...


    ... { width: 100vw ; min-zoom: 100% ; zoom: 100% ; } @viewport { width: 100vw ; min-zoom: 100% zoom: 100% ; } @-ms-viewport { user-zoom: fixed ; min-zoom: ...

  15. Toolbar: Visualization Settings


    You can press and hold the Ctrl button while scrolling the mouse wheel to control the Y-axis zoom level, even when the mouse is over the Visualization pane.

  16. Zoom snaps to top screen on ScrollViewer with RichTextColumns


    Jun 20, 2013 ... I enabled zooming with the attribute ZoomMode="Enabled", but when ... to the top (therefore, if I want to zoom the bottom of a column of text, the ...

  17. Educational Sample Code for Windows* 8 | Intel® Developer Zone


    Sep 16, 2013 ... Semantic Zoom is a touch-optimized technique used by Windows* Store apps for presenting and navigating large sets of related data or ...

  18. UI Controls


    The module can trigger some common UI actions, by firing events that indicate occurrence or start/continuation/end of the controlling gesture. For all gestures ...

  19. Intel XDK Player Plugin ??


    Dec 1, 2015 ... /*@-ms-viewport { user-zoom: zoom ; min-zoom: 100% ; max-zoom: 200% ; } @ viewport { user-zoom: zoom ; min-zoom: 100% ; max-zoom: ...

  20. ippResize(..) used to zoom into an image. Not good enough though.


    Mar 27, 2007 ... I want to slowly zoom into that image. I have used ippiResize(...) to slowly enlarge the image while keeping the dstROIsize constant thus giving ...

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