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Can't login to Install .APK on Androd device

Build was successful.

I got the email saying the build was successful and to click this link to download the .apk

Автор: Phil P. (Pete) Последнее обновление: 26.03.2017 - 09:08
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error #8638 occured while binding IO for derived type and its extended type

While using object-oriented programming in FORTRAN, I want to implement the user-defined IO for the derived type and its extended type. The sample code is

Автор: Lewis, Rubin Последнее обновление: 26.03.2017 - 03:47
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report of false positive data race?


Автор: Oliver K. Последнее обновление: 26.03.2017 - 03:17


Well Told Entertainment* 公司分享了如何利用用户体验设计原则对抗“虚拟现实眩晕”,并创造激动人心的虚拟现实浸入式体验。
Автор: админ Последнее обновление: 26.03.2017 - 01:52
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Decrease the computation time for DGELSD subroutine.

Hello all,

Автор: pankaj pandya Последнее обновление: 25.03.2017 - 23:32
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Unable to create Android keystore Intel XDK 3900

Multiple errors trying to create a new keystore, the application is not showing the required fields in the creation phase. 

Автор: Jose V. Последнее обновление: 25.03.2017 - 20:21
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Possible to search for variables in locals window


Автор: Amine A. Последнее обновление: 25.03.2017 - 08:56
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Different results on different computers when using Scipy stack compiled with MKL

Hi, I've noticed that my code gives different results on two different computers on the same inputs.

Автор: Dmitry K. Последнее обновление: 25.03.2017 - 07:27
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Wrong results from Pardiso solver with multi-threading


I'm having problems with multi-threading in the Pardiso solver.

Автор: Fanny D. Последнее обновление: 25.03.2017 - 06:24
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Derived Type Padding on File IO?

I've never quite understood the rules for derived type component alignment requirements as it pertains to binary/stream IO of derived types.  When if ever are padding bytes included in the write of

Автор: garylscott Последнее обновление: 25.03.2017 - 06:17
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