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Android Things | IoT

Intel® IoT technology with verified functionality for Android Things provides a versatile platform for scaling projects beyond proofs of concept.
Автор: Jeremy C. (Intel) Последнее обновление: 28.04.2017 - 11:05
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Video Channel

Watch videos from across all areas of the Intel® Developer Zone, which include highlights, tutorials, announcements, event sessions, and more.
Автор: Anthony J. (Intel) Последнее обновление: 28.04.2017 - 11:05

Connecting an Intel® NUC to the Google Cloud Platform* Service

Автор: Ian S. (Intel) Последнее обновление: 28.04.2017 - 11:22
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OpenStack | Redes

Aprenda a utilizar las capacidades de OpenStack en redes de Intel por medio de clases y documentación.
Автор: David C. (Intel) Последнее обновление: 26.04.2017 - 14:15
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Software Defined Visualization

Software Defined Visualization from Intel improves fidelity, performance, and efficiency.
Автор: админ Последнее обновление: 28.04.2017 - 10:35

Installing Android Things* on the Intel® Joule™ 550x and 570x Modules

Getting Started Guide April 2017, Revision 1.4 Introduction
Автор: админ Последнее обновление: 28.04.2017 - 11:31

Connect the Intel® IoT Gateway and Google Cloud Platform*

Автор: админ Последнее обновление: 28.04.2017 - 11:32

Seamless Edge-to-Cloud IoT Integration Speeds Time to Market

Solution providers achieve end-to-end integration, deliver actionable customer insights, and gain a competitive advantage with the Intel® IoT Platform and Google Cloud Platform* A fully integrated edge-to-cloud IoT infrastructure solution can help to improve business insights that provide a true competitive advantage.
Автор: Sundar Subramaniam (Intel) Последнее обновление: 28.04.2017 - 11:34
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