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Camera installed but it seems I need another driver

I'm having problems installing Intel RealSense 3D F200 camera on a Windows 7 64bit Ultimate with an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz and 16Gb de RAM.

Автор: VansFannel Последнее обновление: 26.11.2015 - 08:10
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iOS app : Black background appears when slide down or up

Hi All,

I developed an iOS application for use of iPads only.

When i was testing the app on my iPad , noticed a quirk behaviour.

Автор: Ozgur O. Последнее обновление: 26.11.2015 - 07:49
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Intel TBB 4.4 U2 is out!

I'm glad to announce that Intel TBB 4.4 U2 is out! 

Intel TBB 4.4 Update 2


Changes (w.r.t. Intel TBB 4.4 Update 1):

Автор: Vladimir Polin (Intel) Последнее обновление: 26.11.2015 - 07:36
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Build error using PushWoosh

I have added PushWoosh to an app that previously compiled OK.

Автор: Nick F. Последнее обновление: 26.11.2015 - 08:30

Intel® System Studio Release Notes and Getting Started Documents

This page provides the current Release Notes and Getting Started Documents for Intel® System Studio 2016.

Автор: Alice H. (Intel) Последнее обновление: 26.11.2015 - 06:55

Intel® System Studio Release Notes - PDFs

Intel(R) System Studio Release Notes - PDFs

Автор: MAHMOUD H. (Intel) Последнее обновление: 26.11.2015 - 06:54
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Optimize the number of work-groups

I have a basic question on the number of work groups that can  run in parallel.

Автор: Narendra V. Последнее обновление: 26.11.2015 - 06:53
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Dificuldades com o botão de voltar do aparelho com iframe

Bom dia pessoal, estou iniciando com intel xdk e comecei a desenvolver um aplicativo simples que basicamente apenas acessa uma url em um frame.

Автор: Guilherme C. Последнее обновление: 26.11.2015 - 06:47
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IVF XE16 Update 1 with VS2013 and VS2015 parallel


IVF XE16 Update 1 works fine with my Visual Studio 2013.

But with Visual Studio 2015 I can not link (I can only compile).

Автор: reto_n Последнее обновление: 26.11.2015 - 06:10
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Media SDK in GVT-D or GVT-G


I would like to try to use the Intel Media SDK in a GVT-D or GVT-G configuration under Xen or KVM (Esxi seems not good at any of the two technology).

Автор: Tommaso E. Последнее обновление: 26.11.2015 - 05:53
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