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Difference between Application Performance Snapshot Elapsed Time and Actual Time


Автор: Rakesh M. Последнее обновление: 06.12.2016 - 03:03
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ICC 16.0.2: MPX pass incorrectly passes bounds through indirect call


I use icc (ICC) version 16.0.2 (20160204). I found a bug in the way its MPX transformation pass passes bounds via an indirect call.

Автор: dmitrii k. Последнее обновление: 06.12.2016 - 02:51
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Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900 (2M Cache, up to 2.42 GHz) can't using SR300

Hey all, My  IPC CPU Processor is Celeron  J1900.

I had install SR300 driver but  failed.

Автор: Austin t. Последнее обновление: 06.12.2016 - 01:54
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Conference leave

Hi there, here is the steps for reproducing the following problem

1. When i want to leave conference call conference.leave().

Автор: emilija n. Последнее обновление: 06.12.2016 - 01:23
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ISS how to support Skylake and Lewisburg system debug

Hi Intel,

My system design is based on Purley NeonCity (CPU: Skylake , PCH: Lewisburg) and I want to debug with CCA

Автор: Joshua H. Последнее обновление: 06.12.2016 - 00:55
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Using Intel MKL with gfortran under Windows


Автор: Petros A. Последнее обновление: 06.12.2016 - 00:41
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Error compiling sample FFT

Hi all,

Автор: Christoph R. Последнее обновление: 06.12.2016 - 00:18
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Submodules and private derived type components

Hi there,

the following code compiles and runs although "a" of type "typeA" is decleared "private":

Автор: may.ka Последнее обновление: 06.12.2016 - 00:17


As VR becomes a popular consumer product, more and more VR contents come out. From recent investment, lots of users love VR devices without wires, like AIO devices or Mobile devices.

Автор: Huang, Chao Последнее обновление: 06.12.2016 - 00:12
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Can MKL be used in Android  system?

I am surprised for the fast calculation speed of MKL

If can  please tell me how or how to learn

Автор: 薛 清. Последнее обновление: 05.12.2016 - 23:31
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