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Intel C++ Compiler 16.0 is now available in Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016

The new version Intel C++ Compiler 16.0 is now available in Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 that has launched early this week.

Автор: Jennifer J. (Intel) Последнее обновление: 28.08.2015 - 09:55
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is std:sort faster than ipp sort ippsSortDescend_64f_I


Автор: Alok J. Последнее обновление: 28.08.2015 - 10:04
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Stack overflow problem with IVF Composer XE 2016

Just downloaded and installed the new Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows* 2016 to perform regression tests on code that I've developed and works fine under the IVF 2015

Автор: amalia.barrios@navy.mil Последнее обновление: 28.08.2015 - 10:08
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Problem app store Urgent! - SOLVED


Estimados amigos del foro. Estoy experimentando un problema con dos aplicaciones que tengo alojadas en android, las cuales cree con el intel xdk.


Автор: Leonardo S. Последнее обновление: 28.08.2015 - 10:12
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What is Intel® INDE? Why Should I Care?

Intel(R) INDE is a tool that enables you to build programs for multiple platforms without sacrificing native code level performance. Check out this article to see if it's a good fit for your project.
Автор: Seth S. (Intel) Последнее обновление: 28.08.2015 - 09:46

Using Intel® C++ Compiler with the Eclipse* IDE on Linux*

This article describes how to integrate and use the Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux* with the Eclipse* IDE
Автор: Georg Zitzlsberger (Intel) Последнее обновление: 28.08.2015 - 10:19
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Set up your own Dev Kit

Автор: Priyadarshini Dhanasekaran (Intel) Последнее обновление: 28.08.2015 - 10:21
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Try & Buy Intel® Parallel Studio XE

Автор: Steven Moore (Intel) Последнее обновление: 28.08.2015 - 10:22
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Try and Buy Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel® DAAL)

Download Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel® DAAL) for a free trial.  Intel DAAL can be purchased as part of the Intel® Parallel Studio XE or a stand-alone application.

Автор: kay-martin (Intel) Последнее обновление: 28.08.2015 - 09:35

Tutorial: Threading Your Application в Tutorial: Threading Your Application

Последнее обновление: 28.08.2015 - 09:34
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