Ecosystem Support for EEA* Trusted Compute Specification v1.0 Improves Blockchain Privacy and Scalability

Developers can use the EEA* Trusted Compute Spec v1.0 to extend blockchain computational trust to off-chain compute capacity.
Автор: Michael Reed (Intel) Последнее обновление: 05.08.2019 - 08:24

Simics* Software Automates “Cyber Grand Challenge” Validation

DARPA ran a Cyber Grand Challenge where cyber-attack and defense systems were pitted against each other to drive progress in cyber-security.
Автор: Engblom, Jakob (Intel) Последнее обновление: 05.08.2019 - 07:15

Can a Blockchain-Controlled Robot Change the Future?

Imagine a world in which your drone or robot malfunctions and is lost in the wilderness, but you can summon a rescue robot to retrieve it.
Автор: Michael Reed (Intel) Последнее обновление: 28.05.2019 - 13:37

The Convergence of Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

Protecting data is critical to all who connect to the digital world, and Intel leads that effort with innovative technologies and solutions.
Автор: ABHILASHA B. (Intel) Последнее обновление: 23.07.2019 - 11:34

Toward Web 3.0: A Trusted Compute API for Blockchain Solutions

Developers can accelerate the execution of complex smart contracts while preserving the privacy of sensitive off-chain data with the Trusted Compute.
Автор: Michael Reed (Intel) Последнее обновление: 23.06.2019 - 08:03

Designing Firmware for an Open World

As a firmware developer, you can provide consistency across a variety of firmware solutions for Intel silicon.
Автор: Michael G. (Intel) Последнее обновление: 27.05.2019 - 14:23

Computer Vision Solutions and Privacy by Design

These days cameras are ubiquitous - in our smart phones, our cars, homes, and around our cities.
Автор: Charlotte Dryden (Intel) Последнее обновление: 23.07.2019 - 11:34

Finding BIOS Vulnerabilities with Symbolic Execution and Virtual Platforms

Intel’s Excite project uses a combination of symbolic execution, fuzzing, and concrete testing to find vulnerabilities in sensitive code.
Автор: Engblom, Jakob (Intel) Последнее обновление: 02.08.2019 - 15:51

Security Innovation Must Effectively Address Cyber Risks

Intel launched a new set of 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processors this week, and with them come practical advances in cybersecurity.
Автор: Rick Echevarria (Intel) Последнее обновление: 23.07.2019 - 11:34

Intel® Security Essentials: A Built-in Foundation with Security at the Core

To protect platforms and data, and enable developers to build more trusted applications, Intel® Security Essentials offers a framework of hardware.
Автор: Lorie W. (Intel) Последнее обновление: 19.07.2019 - 14:13