Beatbuddy, un juego independiente, se expande con nuevas tecnologías


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Global Droidcon Sponsorship Broadens Intel® Software Visibility

 In 2014, we wrote about our success stories

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Robotics and Intel® RealSense™ Technology

Intel® Software Innovator Jacob Pennock discusses “Head of the Order,” an interactive game where users cast spells to defeat opponents.

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Android* iConsole Micro and Console OS

Intel® Software Innovator Chris Price discusses “iConsole Micro and Console OS with Android,” featuring Intel® Compute Stick technology and Android for 2 in 1, PC and tablet devices.

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Intel Innovator Lab, Orlando - Kick-off

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A Brilliant Brighton Adventure

A recounting by Lee Bamber of his experience as an Intel® Black Belt Software Developer speaking at Develop:Brighton regarding User Generated Content.
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El patrocinio general de las Droidcons amplía la exposición del software de Intel®

En 2014, escribimos acerca de nuestras historias de éxito en las Droidcons, las conferenc

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"SmartCans" Sacramento IoT Innovator Lab Winner

SmartCans was the winner of a six week, IoT workshop challenge held at the HackerLab in Sacramento.

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Intel® Software Innovator Program - Current Innovators

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