Intel® AVX2 optimization in Intel® MKL

The specific optimization and general support for the latest Intel® AVX2 instructions have been added in the Intel MKL v11.0. This article lists the specific functions that are optimized for Intel AVX2.
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Why Sunshine and Bug Fixing Go Together

I was having lunch at the recent LinuxCon and Plumbers conference with a colleague, bragging as usual about how much I love my home near Portland, Oregon.

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Intel® vPro™ Setup and Configuration for Intel® Active Management Technology

Intel® vPro™ technology setup requires setting up the firmware so it can be accessed remotely on your corporate network via Intel® AMT.
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FAQ for Remote Secure Erase

Presented here is a collection of frequently asked questions for Intel® Remote Secure Erase (RSE).

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Remote Secure Erase with Intel® Active Management Technology

Remote Secure Erase with Intel® AMT and Intel® SSD Pro 1500/2500 allows IT admins to remotely wipe the HDD to securely wipe a PC prior to repurposing.
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