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A Practical Library Operating System for Unmodified Applications

This paper disproves assumptions that unmodified applications can cause poor performance and a larger trusted computing base while running on Intel® Software Guard Extensions.
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Secure Linux* Containers Managed By Docker*

The Secure Linux* Container Environment (SCONE) is a mechanism for Docker* that uses the Intel® Software Guard Extensions trusted execution to protect container processes from outside attacks.
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Panoply: Low-Trusted Computing Base (TCB) Linux* Applications with Intel® SGX Enclaves (PDF)

In this paper, we present a new system called Panoply which bridges the gap between the Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX)-native abstractions and the standard OS abstractions which feat

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How to Secure System Logs

System logs are the greatest forensics assets that capture how an operating system or a program behaves.

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Create a Nondisclosure Cryptographic Library

Enforcing integrity and confidentiality of users’ application code and data is a challenging mission that any software developer working on an online production grade service is facing.

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Enhance the Security and Privacy of Tor's Ecosystem Using Trusted Execution Environments

A practical approach to effectively enhancing the security and privacy of Tor by utilizing Intel® SGX, a commodity trusted execution environment
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