The IoT Opportunity: Near-Real-Time Analytics from Edge to Cloud

Together, Intel and SAP are creating an end-to-end IoT solution that securely and seamlessly ingests data from the Intel® IoT Gateway into the SAP SQL Anywhere® database and moves that into the SAP

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Fast, High-density Media Transcoding - Intel® Media Server Studio Overview Video

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Intel® IoT Gateway Developer Hub: Save and Deploy an OS Image

An Intel® IoT Gateway Developer Hub Tutorial. Once IoT Gateway software development is complete, learn how to save a copy of the gateway’s OS and software and deploy it to other gateways.

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Have a Heart: Love your Hybrid Programs

Are you working with a hybrid program that just isn't performing? Do you feel like your application is on life support?

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Knights Landing – An Overview for Developers

In this webinar, James Reinders, will cover the essential knowledge needed for effectively utilizing the extraordinary parallelism in the new Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor (code named Knights Landing)

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Migrating Applications from Knights Corner to Knights Landing

This video describes how you can migrate applications from the Intel® first generation Xeon Phi product family (Knights Corner), to the Intel® second generation Xeon P

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Archived - What is Intel® RealSense™ and How Can You Use It?

Intel® RealSense Technology is a collection of hardware and software capabilities that allows you to interact with a device in a non-traditional manner.

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Archived - Downloading and Installing the Intel® RealSense SDK

This video will provide you with step-by-step instructions for determining which Intel® RealSense camera you have installed on your computer so you can get the proper

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Archived - Write an RGB Streaming Code Sample Using the Intel® RealSense™ SDK

This video shows a sample application that uses one of the Intel® RealSense cameras and the SDK to create an RGB video stream.

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What is Code Modernization?

The Intel® Modern Code Zone has multiple resources that can be used to learn or review, and get even deeper knowledge of Code Modernization, Optimization techniques, a

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