Desarrollo de apps de escritorio vs apps de Windows 8* Store


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Guía instructiva: Introducción a OpenCL™ en Android* OS

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Creación de juegos multiplataforma con Cocos2d-x

In this tutorial how to create a simple game using the Cocos2d-x framework in a Windows development environment and how to compile it to run on Windows 8 and Android.
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Archivado - Cómo trabajar con manos y gestos

Intel® RealSense™ SDK ha sido discontinuado. No habrá más actualizaciones ni continuará la asistencia.

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Beatbuddy, un juego independiente, se expande con nuevas tecnologías


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Archivado - Rotación de un cubo con Unity* Toolkit y la tecnología Intel® RealSense™

This tutorial shows you how to use the Unity* Toolkit for Intel® RealSense™ technology to create a simple Intel RealSense application where a cube is rotated based on user hand movement.
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Cómo compartir superficies entre OpenCL™ y DirectX* 11 en Intel® Processor Graphics

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Transformada rápida de Fourier para procesar imágenes en DirectX* 11

This sample demonstrates an optimized FFT that uses compute shaders and Shared Local Memory (SLM) to improve performance by reducing memory bandwidth.Two FFT techniques are discussed. The first is UAV and operates by ping-ponging data repeatedly between Unordered Access Views (UAVs). SLM (Shared Local Memory) is the second technique and is a more memory-bandwidth-efficient method, showing...
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SIMD fácil mediante envolturas

SIMD operations are widely used for 3D graphics applications. This tutorial provides new insights into SIMD by comparing SIMD lanes and CPU threads, and steps you through the process of creating a simple, straightforward SIMD implementation in your own code.
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Archivado - A despedirse de lo plano: capturar y compartir en 3D

Intel® RealSense™ technology adds a third dimension to the capturing and sharing experience. Leading developers are implementing this technology to deliver natural interactive experiences with real and virtual objects and environments in practical and entertaining applications.
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