Application Development Hackletics has Ignited

It is very exciting to be on the verge of helping lead a two week application development. It is something of a perfect storm. We have many Hackletic Poobahs helping.

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Intel Software & Services Group Launch in Kenya

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Report from San Francisco’s Intel Ultracode Meetup: Code and Tell

On a warm July summer evening in San Francisco, 65-ish coders gathered to focus on Android* projects, both html5 and native, watch and listen to expert demos, and maybe even grab

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Use HTML5 device orientation to run Windows 8 javascript apps on Android devices

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Intel SSG Africa University Outreach: Creating Networks

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How to Adapt to Screen Sizes

Luke W takes us through how to avoid having to design for the 4,726 (est.) different screen sizes currently available – this is so much easier

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How to Rethink App Design for 2in1s

UX Expert, Luke Wroblewski worked with Intel to produce a series of practical short form videos.

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How to Simplify Payment Forms

Online payment forms are a common place to make UX and UI errors.

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How to Use Location to Enhance UX

Location data gives developers opportunities to create new and exciting ways to interact with users, and services.

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How to Design Components for Mobile First

Mobile first responsive design is the way you can develop your apps to better engage your users across all the platforms they use.

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