Sample Application: Wi-Fi* Connect Manager


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Calculating a Bearing Between Points in Location-Aware Apps

Earlier this week I wrote about how to calculate the distance between two points in a location-aware app.

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Application Development Hackletics has Ignited

It is very exciting to be on the verge of helping lead a two week application development. It is something of a perfect storm. We have many Hackletic Poobahs helping.

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Use HTML5 device orientation to run Windows 8 javascript apps on Android devices

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Intel® Platform Analysis Library Metrics Framework Release Notes

Click "Download Now" below to obtain and view Intel® Platform Analysis Library Metrics Framework release notes.

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Transitioning your Mobile App away from Crosswalk* в Intel® XDK Documentation

Crosswalk* provides an alternative HTML5 application runtime for Android* devices. It was retired as an active project in February of 2017.
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