Software Power Meters on Microsoft Windows*: A Survey

To get the best and most accurate data about how much energy your computer platform is using during operation you need a hardware power meter, but not everyone can afford one. But what options do you have? The answer is to use a software power meter.
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Primeiro bate-papo entre desenvolvedores e a Intel

No dia 26/06/2012 tivemos a primeira mesa de trabalho do The AppDate São Paulo com o bate-papo entre desenvolvedores e a Intel.

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The True Benefits of Computing

For anyone what wasn't able to attend the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, one of the 3 key finds that I learned was that there are many ways in which computing benefits people, but not all of them are readily apparent - so here's a review of some ways in which computing helps us!
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Программные измерители мощности для Microsoft Windows*

Если вы занимаетесь разработкой программных приложений и стремитесь оптимизировать их с точки зрения потребления электроэнергии, можно использовать программный измеритель мощности.
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Power Analysis Guide for Windows*

Download PDF

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O futuro da autenticação e das transações financeiras na Web (Part 2)

No último post, expliquei os fundamentos da tecnologia IPT (Identity Protection Technology), presente a partir da segunda geração (San

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[Windows 8 | XAML] 使用Blend製作動畫故事版(StoryBoard)




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Opinion: Matt's Top 10 Tech & Gaming Predictions for 2014

Out with 2013 and in with 2014!!!

So here are my top ten (10) predictions for technology and gaming related things in the coming new year.  I can hardly wait!

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Indexing the Mahabharata

by N. Shamsundar

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