3D Modeling and Parallel Mesh Simplification

3D geometric models are common in computer games. This article describes a collection of mesh simplification algorithms and describes how to simplify your own meshes.
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Interactive Geometric Sound Propagation and Rendering

This white paper describes a novel algorithm for sound propagation and rendering in virtual environments and media applications using geometric propagation techniques for fast computation of propagation paths.
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Performance Assessment of Android* Applications

by Tuan H. Bui

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User Experience Design Guidelines for Tablets running Android*

Android introduces different ways to use your tablet device.

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Designing for User Experience, Power, and Performance on Tablets

This document is written from the perspective of an application designer and author.

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Quantify and Optimize the User Interactions with Android* Devices

by Xiao-Feng Li


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AWS: Android* Workload Suite for User Interaction Measurement

By Xiao-Feng Li

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UXtune: A Toolkit to Accelerate the Optimizations of Android* User Interactions

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Conserving Active Power

This article presents techniques to optimize applications to save power during active use. These techniques include multi-threading, batching of I/0 accesses, and reducing memory bandwidth. Some of the techniques are applicable for general program usage.
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Laboratório Intel® Atom™

Participe do Laboratório Intel® Atom™! Quer garantir que sua aplicação Android roda bem em tablets com arquitetura Intel? A Intel também! :)

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