Software Defined Storage with Intel® Enabling Technologies

Software-Defined Storage (SDS) is a software layer that manages storage infrastructure.  Software developers have

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An update on 3rd Party Attestation

Introduction - What is Intel® SGX 

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A Kerberos*-Based Big Data Security Solution

The Hadoop* Authentication Service helped Alibaba* improve the quality, performance and TCO of its cloud user identity information management system.
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White Paper: Creating Trust in the Cloud

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New Sharp* Security Camera uses Intel® Architecture

Sharp security camera at NAB Sharp previews its QG- B20C camera used for digital security surveillance at the Intel booth at NAB Show, April 18-21. The camera runs on an Intel® Celeron® processor (N3160) and utilizes the Intel® Media SDK for hardware-accelerated encoding. With digital surveillance and security concerns now an everyday part of life, SHARP has unveiled a new omnidirectional...
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Configuring the Apache Web server to use RDRAND in SSL sessions

Starting with the 1.0.2 release of OpenSSL*, RDRAND has been temporarily removed as a random number source.

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Accelerating SSL Load Balancers with Intel® Xeon® E5 v4 Processors

Examining the impact of the ADCX, ADOX, and MULX instructions on haproxy performance

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Intel® AES-NI Performance Enhancements: HyTrust DataControl Case Study

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CERTIFACE E INTEL, juntos no combate às Fraudes

Certiface é um aplicativo para a certificação de pessoas via web. Utiliza tecnologia de ponta em biometria facial para evitar a duplicidade das faces e combater as práticas de fraude. Seu sistema opera em nuvem, a identidade do cliente é preservada e não existe contato físico.
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